Bannon: “What is Monkey pox?”

Dr. Malone: “Misdirection play.”

Dr. Roman Woelfel, head of the Institute of Microbiology of the German Armed Forces, works in his laboratory in Munich after Germany has detected its first case of monkeypox. (REUTERS)

“… they already have stockpiled vaccines for smallpox. What they bought is more smallpox vaccines… The name of the product is called JYNNEOS… It is marketed by Bavarian Nordic in you all you have to do is search for package insert JYNNEOS and you’ll pull up the package insert for the product and they will find that this is absolutely not a benign product just as with the old Dr. X product, which is somewhat safer than that I had experienced with that and this product when I was working for DOD.

This has as one of the leading rare serious adverse events. Wait for it. cardiotoxicity myocarditis.”

Comment: My concern? That they have actually weaponised the standard strain of monkeypox in a biolab. Although still not like a virus, it may be become a public health concern.

But as Dr Malone says, it is to push the next round of vaccines which is the actual killer.