The Menlo Park Mall in Edison, New Jersey is just one of many large shopping malls in upscale areas publicly warning people about what to do if a Nuclear Bomb Hits!  They have been told by government to begin warning people . . . because Nuclear War with Russia is not only a possibility, it has become a likelihood.

The horrifying reality that would be a nuclear blast is becoming so likely now over the Russia-Ukraine/NATO troubles in eastern Europe that governments and now private sector industries are warning people about what to do when a nuclear bomb goes off!

Below is a full image of warning signs now installed at the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, New Jersey:

These signs, and a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) from the New York City Office of Emergency Management which came out earlier this week (Story Here) are all instructing people that if a nuclear bomb goes off, GET INSIDE.

The reason this effort is underway is that government knows it has caused such terrible troubles with Russia, over the Ukraine situation, that it is now LIKELY we are going to be attacked by Russia with nuclear bombs.


While the first trouble is, of course, that this is a problem of our government’s own making, the second major problem is that the advice is utterly stupid.

They tell people to get inside.   Good advice . . . if there’s anything left standing to actually get inside of!

 Russia uses the YARS intercontinental ballistic missile to launch nuclear attacks.   Those missile are equipped with an eight-hundred kiloton (800kt) warhead.

The blast map below is a scientific model from Nuclear showing the actual scientifically-modeled blast effects of a single, 800kt nuclear bomb air bursting over New York City.   

The inner smaller yellow area in the center show the initial blast area, all of which is vaporized.  Absolutely nothing will be left.   No people, no buildings, no vehicles.   Nothing.

The next area is a grayish circular area.  Everything in this area will be physically knocked down and on fire.  Not even the strongest concrete and steel buildings will remain standing.  And everything — all of it — will be on fire.   

The next circular area toward the outer edges of the blast circle, will be THERMAL DAMAGE.   Things in this area may be severely damaged or knocked down but SOME structures might remain standing as they erupt in flames.  As for people in this area, anyone who was outside, and who sees the bright, white, flash, will have third-degree burns all over their body.

The final light gray area is where there will be light blast damage.  Most structures will remain standing but windows are likely broken.  People in this area will be injured from flying blast debris.

The signs then advise people  “If you were outside when the blast hit, take off all clothes, shower and shampoo to wash the radiation off immediately.”   

Trouble is THERE WON’T BE ANY RUNNING WATER.   The water mains will be ruptured from the blast and the electric that powers the water pumps will all be off for miles.  

But wait, there’s more . . .  idiocy . . . . the signs tell people “stay tuned to local media and don’t go outside until authorities tell you it’s safe.”  THERE WON’T BE ANY LOCAL MEDIA.  It will all be blown up.  All the TV and radio transmitters will be wiped out!

THERE WON’T BE ANY CELL PHONE SERVICE. The towers will all be knocked down, the transmitters fried by electro-magnetic pulse, and the electric will all be out.  THERE WON’T BE ANY INTERNET SERVICE. All the Internet lines will be blown up and the wireless all offline from EMP or no electricity!!!

 Yet even though the advice is utterly useless, the signs have gone up anyway.

Government doesn’t do things like this for no reason.  They are putting out these PSA’s and asking large retailers to put these signs up because government KNOWS what’s coming.  After all, it is government that is causing it all.

Unless Americans mobilize right now, and tell federal officials we will not tolerate them starting a nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine, we’re all dead.

You, me, our wives, husbands, kids, extended families . . . . will all be dead.

Pick up your phones and start swarming members of Congress and the Senate, telling them we refuse to allow them to start a nuclear war with their economic sanctions.

There is very little time left to act.   It may already be too late.

But we have to put forth the effort or all of us will be killed.