The Psyop Cop | – August 10th 2022, 12:22 pm

Dystopian societies are being set up as we speak

The Psyop Cop breaks down the chilling, definitely-not-dystopian community of “Cotino,” currently under construction in California.

The Psyop Cop breaks down the chilling, definitely-not-dystopian community of “Cotino”, currently under construction in California. Cotino is a Disney-designed neighborhood where the residents will be “active participants” of Cotino’s magical narratives.

Does Cotino spell the rise of a new lifestlye forced upon humanity, or is it a naive flash in the pan?

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For centuries, humanity has been drawn to the sands, mountains, springs, and valleys of the Palm Desert. Its unique climate, diverse flora and fauna, and boundless beauty have inspired generations of makers, from original inhabitant Cahuilla basket-weavers and storytellers, to contemporary artists and innovators. All for good reason. The many colors of this natural wonderland surprise first-time visitors with vivid greens, liquid blues and dynamic reds and yellows bringing unexpected life to the ruddy cocoa tones that frame the landscape in grandeur.

Now, inspired by both the landscape and its history, the unique magic of the region has been combined with the imagination of Disney to make something new – Cotino™, a Storyliving by Disney™ community. This brilliant living painting is not only fueled by its own dynamic energy, but empowers all who live here, creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages residents to keep dreaming and keep doing.

Cotino Community Artist Concept Rendering

Offering a range of home types to choose from, including condominiums and single-family homes. In addition to the residential component, the Cotino community has zoning approvals for the development of a hotel and a range of shopping, dining and entertainment offerings anchored by an approximate 24-acre grand oasis featuring the clearest turquoise waters with Crystal Lagoons® technology and a promenade area offering vistas of the oasis and the Santa Ana mountain range in the distance. A portion of the oasis will include a professionally managed beach park with recreational water activities that can be accessed by the public through the purchase of a day pass.

The result? A place to discover new passions and new beginnings. A place where charming gathering spots foster new friendship. Where nature intersects with human curiosity. And where each day is a new chapter in the most exciting story yet to be written… yours.

Walt Disney presenting Art of Animation
Cast Member Drawing a Picture
Cotino - Artist Concept Rendering of an Interior Space


The Greater Palm Springs area has helped the famous unplug for decades—from U.S. presidents to the most glamorous Hollywood stars. But key to our story of inspiration is the man himself, Walt Disney. Of all the destinations in the world, Walt chose Palm Springs as his favorite, special retreat… as he referred to it, his “laughing place.” Though not many are aware of this source of his inspiration, those among us who fondly remember gathering by the TV to watch Walt conjure colorful dreams on Sunday nights, certainly know the result.

Thanks to a new generation of dreamers, this same land of inspiration can be yours. Inspired by this legacy are some of the latest visitors to this wellspring: the Walt Disney Imagineers whose magic infuses this one-of-a-kind place as well as the expert staff of DMB Development, a Scottsdale-based developer specializing in unique communities in the Western U.S.