In the 1990 spy thriller movie starring Sean Connery and James Earl Jones among others, “The Hunt For Red October,” a rogue Soviet Naval Captain who’d been given control over the newest and most advanced ballistic missile submarine, a fictional improvement on the Soviet Typhoon-class submarine, defects to the US because he believe the sub, due to it’s newer technology, was going to be used for a first strike against the US.  

Using its technologies which make it undetectable to passive radar, the submarine heads towards the US, of course causing hysteria from many in the US concerned it was going to be used to launch a nuclear strike upon America, unaware of the rogue Captain’s true motives of defecting to the US.

Causing ‘the Hunt‘ for ‘Red October‘ which were 4 featured words in the title of that movie, we bring that up here and now because, depending upon whose news reports you read, it appears that a new ‘Doomsday‘ Russian submarine that could be considered the REAL ‘Red October‘ has gone missing from it’s usual base in the Arctic Ocean, though those reports themselves could be disinformation. 

First of all, Yahoo News reports in this story titled “Russian nuclear submarine armed with ‘doomsday’ weapon disappears from Arctic harbor: report” that Russia’s top-of-the-line nuclear-powered Belgorod submarine has gone missing from its harbor in the Arctic along with its rumored “doomsday weapon.” 

With NATO apparently the source of at least one or more of those reports according to the Yahoo story, warning its members the submarine no longer appears to be operating out of its White Sea base, where it had been active since July, that story reported according to ‘officials‘ of NATO, Russia may be planning to test Belgorod’s “Poseidon” weapons system, a drone equipped with a nuclear bomb that Russia has claimed is capable of creating a “radioactive tsunami.” 

And with that Yahoo story reporting “the drone can be deployed from the submarine at any time and detonated at a depth of 1 kilometer near a coastal city and Russian state media has claimed the device can create a 1,600-ft. wave that smashes into the coast and irradiates it,” that 600-ft. submarine is also, like ‘Red October,’ some of Russia’s newest technology, delivered to the Russian Navy in July as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top-secret program that aims to develop and operate a series of a new class of “super weapons.”

So while a 1,600 radioactive tsunami bearing down upon America’s East and/or West Coast’s are something(s) that we prefer to never have to witness in our lifetimes, that Yahoo story could be bogus as Naval News reports in this new story that Russia’s new Belgorod submarine has been found operating on the surface of the Arctic Ocean. Much more in the next section of this story below. 

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The photographs show the submarine operating in the east of the Barents Sea. Locations based on Open Source Intelligence.

So while the Washington Examiner had also reported that Belgorod had suddenly vanished from its Arctic base, echoing this Fox News story reporting Putin’s Belgorod submarine capable of creating a 1,600-ft ‘radioactive tsunami‘ had ‘gone missing,‘ of course causing all kinds of alarm among the globalists and stirring up even more talk of forthcoming nuclear war, this story over at Naval News reports much differently. From that story before we continue.: 

The whereabouts of a new Russian submarine, the Belgorod, has captured headlines around the world. With a degree of hysteria, there have been reports that it has been deployed with its nuclear ‘apocalypse’ and ‘doomsday’ weapons. Even that it has ‘disappeared’ (submarines do that). 

Naval News has been keeping an eye on the topic since before these stories broke. We can offer fresh information about her activities. 

Images obtained by Naval News show the submarine operating in the Barents Sea, north of Russia’s Kola Peninsular. 

The Belgorod (K-329) is a unique submarine. She is around 178 meters (583 ft) long, 15 meters (50 ft) wide and in the region of 30,000 tons. This makes it by far the largest built anywhere in the world since the famous Typhoon class. She is armed with the Poseidon strategic weapon which itself is unique. 

Described by the U.S. Navy as an ‘Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo’, it combines incredible range with hard-to-kill performance. There is a concern that, with current weapons, it is effectively unstoppable once launched. 

Launched in 2019, Belgorod was formally commissioned on July 8 2022, so this is one of her first longer-range trips. But she is still very close to home, in the Russian Navy’s back yard. 

We noted the submarine leaving Severodvinsk in the White Sea a few weeks ago, and she was in the Barents Sea by September 22. She was still there on September 27. On both dates she was observed on the surface. This is not unusual for new submarines like this. 

Prospect Of A Poseidon Launch 

Predictions are dangerous in this game. However, we view a test launch of Poseidon as not out of the question. This could be routine, to test a new weapon system. Or it could principally be political, as a demonstration. Testing nuclear weapons, even without warheads, may be part of Russia’s chosen nuclear escalation ladder.

As the Eurasian Times also asks in this new story titled “Russia’s Poseidon ‘Nuke Drone’ Test: Is US-Led NATO Making Mushroom Clouds Out Of A Molehill?”, are all of these warnings and hysteria over nothing at all? Pointing out two huge reasons in their story why Russia won’t be testing that weapon now as a test failure could result in an existential threat to Russia, is all of this NATO saber-rattling due to NATO themselves longing for war with Russia? 

So while the Naval News story did indeed claim that a nuclear test may be the mission of this sub which has left its’ base, and the story also did confirm that this monster had left its’ base in the first place so that doesn’t appear to be a ‘conspiracy theory,’ and the story also brought up the Nord Stream sabotage as a possible reason for the sub moving, it also reported Belgorod has another important capability as well as carrying Poseidon

She can act as a mother submarine (‘host platform’) for special deep-diving midget submarines which operate on the sea floor. Russia has a fleet of these mother submarines for seabed warfare. Technically Belgorod would be suited to carry out such an attack, even in relatively shallow water. And media did turn to her as the best known example of this type of ‘special mission’ submarine.

So whether or not Belgorod is actually, purposely ‘lost at sea,’ hidden from US eyes, and moving towards its’ intended target, or it has surfaced and NATO and the US know exactly where it is and they’re just ‘creating‘ these reports to push for the war against Russia they’ve long been longing for, we continue to serve our families and loved ones best by being fully stocked up and prepared for anything and everything in the days, weeks and months ahead.

With a 1,600′ radioactive tsunami bearing down on America something that no one can really prepare for except for by getting as far away from the US as possible or short of that, getting as high up in altitude as possible, the following map before our conclusion shows us the highest elevation range of every US county, showing why most of the US East coast would be toast in such a nightmare scenario with only the Appalachian Mountains regions in the ‘safe zones.’

So with the US government recently purchasing $290 million worth of anti-radiation drugs another sign World War 3 is about to turn ‘red hot’ with Steve Quayle leaving an SQnote while linking to this NewsPunch story reporting upon that US govt purchase, “FORGET THE TACTICAL NUKE TALK – RUSSIA WILL USE STRATEGIC NUKE WARHEADS AGINST THE U.S. AND THE WESTERN NATO COUNTRIES!,” with Washington DC at only about 409′ above sea level, how prepared will those anti-radiation drugs make Joe and his cabal be for a 1,600′ nuclear tsunami? 

With every day moving forward the last several weeks having a ‘feel‘ to it of impending doom that numerous ANP commenters have pointed out within our story comment sections, and now talk of ‘radioactive tsunamis’ coming to us from all across the mainstream media while NATO warns Russia may have just deployed their ‘weapon of the apocalypse’ while the US govt purchases nearly $300 million worth of anti-radiation drugs as Putin talks of using nukes, we absolutely understand those feelings. 

Yet with so much of this completely out of our control, we serve our families and loved ones best by prepping wisely and controlling what we can while leaving the rest to God as we were wisely warned in Proverbs 19:21.: “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”