Oct 19, 2022 Strange Sounds

Russians are currently digging giant trenches about 20km deep into the actual front lines in the annexed Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.

This line of tunnels, concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapon installations reminds me of the Maginot Line built by France in the 1930s to deter invasion by Germany during WWII.

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They use huge BTM-3 trenching machine to dig…

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Could these trenches delimit the new border between Ukraine and Russia?

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Back in December 2021, the Ukrainian border guard were caught digging trenches with a MDK-3 near the Russian border in the Sumy Oblast. Were they preparing an assault?

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This is a French TV show discussing these strange new trenches spreading across the different annexed and occupied Russian territories… Interesting to say the least…

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To understand what they are saying you will have to enable the undertitles (‘keyboard’ appearing on the video) and then translate them in your language (‘wheel’ besides the ‘keyboard’ on the video).

Will the Russians build a giant wall, like what the US has started to do (and should actually rapidly finish) at the Mexican border?