UPDATED 8:41 AM EST -- "POINT OF NO RETURN" - Kremlin: Russia and the West Have Reached the "Confrontation" Stage

The relationship between Russia and the West has reached the confrontation stage, and the sides will have to live in this environment further on, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Pavel Zarubin’s Moscow. Kremlin. Putin program on Rossiya-1 TV channel.

“Well, we are not moving. We have already arrived at a station named ‘Confrontation’, and we have to be reserved, strong, to have underlying strength, because we will have to live in the environment of this confrontation,” he said when asked where the relationship between Russia and the West is moving.


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said just moments ago “US hostile actions & arrogant disregard for #Russia’s legitimate demands for security guarantees, incl non-deployment of strike weapons near the Russian border, non-expansion of NATO, return of its military potential to 1997 level, have brought relations between the USA and Russia to a point of no return.”


+2# Confrontation becomes “Go loud” when? — Jack Finch 2022-12-12 16:28

Depending on what source you believe, the ground in Ukraine will freeze to an adequate degree for cross country mobile operations between early JAN 2023 and FEB 15th. If these forecasts are shown to be accurate we likely have a few more weeks before any serious Russian ground operation commences in Ukraine. We shall see how Mother Nature responds soon enough.

# Re what is going on in Brazil — StarDawg 2022-12-12 18:02

# Well, what can I say — Chappyusa1 2022-12-12 15:54

if you read pikes 3rd world war “They will fight until complete exhaustion and everything is spent, burned up or destroyed”

I think the west plan was to deplete all western arms so this fight can go longer and kill and destroy more people and countries.
Remember nothing is by chance.

Also, there is an evil to this beyond man that seems to be controlling this and moving the pieces in place for this fight. This evil wants this and needs it.

NWO wants and needs this fight so it can bring in its new order and burn down the old one.

Just like Cortez burnt his ship because there is no turning back to the old. The world must move forward. And this evil is Satan.

+3# RE: UPDATED 8:41 AM EST — “POINT OF NO RETURN” – Kremlin: Russia and the West Have Reached the “Confrontation” Stage — The Deplorable Renegade 2022-12-12 13:52

If our weapon stocks are so low now then at some point we’ll have to cut off supplies to Ukraine and then they’ll be forced to seek peace talks with Russia and try to get the best deal they can. This can’t go on forever.

+8# WW3 Dreams — daniel_martin 2022-12-12 12:43

I said here many times that the Nuclear War is inevitable, predestined and prophetic. I have Premonitory Dreams, among other paranormalities that I didnt asked for. But everything I dream happens, everytime, and I saw Russia Nuked all USA Mainland cities. No warning, no declaration of war, no eletricity before the explosions (it was at night in my dream). Next Dream Putin told me “London too” and if the rest of World retaliates (after NATO is gone) Russia end the World and win. I saw US Mil crying, and Russia told will spare their lives but will remove their ranks, and told them to start a new live in another country, because America was uninhabitable. I saw American people partying just before the Holocaust, totally unaware of the incoming danger. I saw the Smoke of her Burning would be visible from Central America. Last dream I saw Putin speeching to his Nuclear Trucks soldiers before He Command the Codes to Fire. It was before the Dawn, in The Dark. Both Dreams I had with Putin were in The Dark, which shows the high secrecy of how this war is being planned. In The Bible, the Great Northern Archenemy (Russia) of Babylon (America) attacks her totally undetected.

-1# RE: WW3 Dreams — JFY 2022-12-12 17:28

Daniel Martin, sorry for this being totally Off Theme, but what is happening in Brazil today? Has martial law been declared yet?

+1# Dream about being nuked — Suicidedoordavid1 2022-12-12 15:03

I too had a dream a year or so ago about being nuked. I live near New Orleans. In my dream, I woke up from a dead sleep in a very disturbed panic feeling when I felt the ground under the house shaking and rumbling. We do not live in a earthquake zone so I knew this had to be something different. I ran to the front door but before I could get to the front door to open it and see what was happening, a very bright blinding light was coming through the window next to the door. End of dream. I’m saved, I know where I’m going when I die.

+1# Extremely Interesting. — Doug Brown 2022-12-12 14:40

Totally relevant dreams.
If they show anything they show the
contemptuous hatred which
Russia has for the West, ie, it’s decadence.
Observation: secret attacks are, according
their perception, are what scum deserve

+6# RE: WW3 Dreams — daniel_martin 2022-12-12 14:02

dear americans, remember, is totally indifferent to me if you believe in my warnings or not, totally indifferent. I live in Brazil, and we are not Nuclear Targets, we are the main North Hemisphere backup to rebuild mankind. Both sides knows that, thats why there no Nukes in South Hemisphere (and Equador blocks the stream). I said I say Again, I strongly believe the safest NATO places are Greece Portugal Alaska. Maybe British Columbia and North of Canada. Russia takes Alaska back, thas the deal. Worst places US mainland. EU Capitals. I calculated the attack for December 2023. My Rabi also calculated 2023. Im 90% certain of this timing. If you dont leave Mainland you might meet The Creator. As a Watchman Im morally obligated to share my knowledge. Believe me its emotionaly very hard. I dont wish this to no one. Dont put your Nationalism above your Faith in God. Dont love Earth more than Heavens. I have been in the Other side once and let me tell you, this place we live is a prison, nothing more. Theres a wonderful world beyond the stars, so perfect I cant describe. What I saw was a place with the floor like white marble or cristal, armies of very tall bright angels, above them two great thrones, and beside the thrones I saw standing The King of Kings David of Israel. Vision from December 2009. I was there for like half a hour. God bless you all, and farewell

-1# RE: WW3 Dreams — shirley5520 2022-12-12 16:03

Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. If you are on social media or youtube, please let me know. I believe your dreams are from God, and I take them seriously.

# RE: WW3 Dreams — mjc 2022-12-12 16:51

Quoting shirley5520:

Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. If you are on social media or youtube, please let me know. I believe your dreams are from God, and I take them seriously.

I, also, have had dreams and portents.

In one, I was standing on the bridge of a Worcester class guided missile cruiser (there is no such thing). North Atlantic….gray skies,…dead winter…..and we were EMPTYING the magazines.

Ripple fire. We got off about 60 outbound nukes. I was looking out through binoculars when the first (nuke) cruise missile came in and atomized us.

2nd dream…..

My college roomates and I (formally dressed) were gathered around a 20′ long cake, shaped like the USS Iowa.

One roomate then laid down on his stomach……..and proceeded to propell himself forward and eat his way through the Iowa, using only the motion of his jaws.

After breaking the ‘cake’ amidships, he chewed his way into an open hatch into the steam tunnels underneath our residency, and disappeared into the darkness……..

+3# RE: WW3 Dreams — 389rivka@gmail.com 2022-12-12 17:13

Bwahaha…I’ll have what he’s having…lol

+1# RE: WW3 Dreams — mjc 2022-12-12 17:37

Quoting 389rivka@gmail.com:

Bwahaha…I’ll have what he’s having…lol

Hehehe! Caol ila, 12yr…… 🙂

+1# Caol ila 12 — 389rivka@gmail.com 2022-12-12 17:52

Not familiar with this in particular ….so I googled
“What does Caol ila 12 taste like?”


Smoked meat, Honied pear, cinnamon, graham, melon, waxy citrus and light bits of spice, tropical fruit, mint and “oil”.

Question..What was he drinking when he created this concoction?!?!

+1# RE: Caol ila 12 — mjc 2022-12-12 18:16

Quoting 389rivka@gmail.com:

Not familiar with this in particular ….so I googled
“What does Caol ila 12 taste like?”


Smoked meat, Honied pear, cinnamon, graham, melon, waxy citrus and light bits of spice, tropical fruit, mint and “oil”.

Question..What was he drinking when he created this concoction?!?!

A fair question! And, sadly, lost to time.

Hat tip to our forefathers…..who’d put milk in a skin, ride a hundred miles, and drink the congealed mess (butter) at the end of the day. Or who’d smoke barley over peat, make a ‘tea’ out of it, and then boil off the nuisance water. Giants, but unknown to history.

I’ll second the ‘smoked meats’, pear/cinnamon/spice in the description, fwiw.

It is a ‘light’ islay scotch (you can taste the peat (i.e. Caol Isla)…..rather than just the smoke (Ardbeg).

To your health, lady! And ‘bon chance’ for us all……

+1# RE: Caol ila 12 — 389rivka@gmail.com 2022-12-12 18:58


*….and Praise the Lord
and pass the ammunition!

+4# dreams — Boss 2022-12-12 13:28

Be careful when you are dreaming because it is then, in the dark of the night, when demons come to catch ahold of us…just be careful. IMHO God bless you and yours.

# RE: WW3 Dreams — 389rivka@gmail.com 2022-12-12 13:23

Could the darkness also be an indication of an EMP attack prior…others w/prophetic dreams have mentioned grid down before the final attack..

+6# Most likely a major holiday — HuskerMike 2022-12-12 13:02

Like Christmas, or New Years Eve, or Super Bowl. They know when we are weakest.

+6# Anyone Interested In Stopping This? — tdanella25@gmail.com 2022-12-12 11:46

It seems to me that if people actually believed they could get nuked they would light up the switchboards in Washington. Trouble is they are to arrogant to think anything can happen to them.

+6# RE: Anyone Interested In Stopping This? — 389rivka@gmail.com 2022-12-12 11:54

Normalcy bias rears it’s ugly head again…

+4# RE: UPDATED 8:41 AM EST — “POINT OF NO RETURN” – Kremlin: Russia and the West Have Reached the “Confrontation” Stage — Gunner 2022-12-12 11:12

It’s all a damn set-up to get our asses killed, compliments to this pig criminal US dog shit govt.

+4# Point of no return? — Doug Brown 2022-12-12 11:08

In ’91, when Russia capitulated, it renounced
It’s previously state enforced atheism.
If the West had had its act together, it would
of punced upon this …
Seen it as a form of rough repentance,
and made the repudiation a form of common
ground…something to build peace upon,
and capitalized upon it as a rich source of
It did not.
The apple was bad, even rotten, even at
that time.