– Evidence Shows ‘Balloon’ Was Likely A Globalist Op With The Full Approval Of Biden Cabal

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

As Joe Biden’s ‘woke‘ military meekly poked a balloon out of the sky, with Biden then dancing for joy like some 4-year-old child after the balloon ‘popped,‘ but had already crossed the entire country, doing it’s ‘damage‘ by the time the ‘woke brigade’ frolicking in the Pentagon decided a behemoth-sized ‘balloon‘ flying unmolested over the entire country while we were in WW3 wasn’t such a good thing, we’ve got to take a deeper look at a theory broached by Susan Duclos in this February 6th ANP story in light of the overlapping photographs seen above as also seen in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.

While Susan had mentioned in her story, WHAT IF that ‘balloon‘ was a test run for a FUTURE attack of some sort or another upon America, we’ve got to take that theory WAY PAST the ‘future attack‘ warning and ask, what if that ‘balloon’ making it’s way across America WAS ‘THE ATTACK’ upon America

With the photograph seen at the top of the story showing the ‘balloon‘ descending into the sea below after the biden cabal had ‘pin-pricked‘ it out of the sky, what is that mysterious ‘white powder‘ that emerges after the ‘pop‘ and appears, before it disperses into the air, to be following it down?

Might that ‘mysterious white powder‘ be the ‘leftovers‘ of whatever the monstrous balloon was carrying across America, a bioweapon allowed to be dispersed from on high all across the country by the globalists who via their COVID vax bioweapon have been carrying out genocide across the world? As this story over at the Daily Mail reports, the Pentagon believed it was carrying something dangerous across America, dispersing US Navy divers to recover any remaining debris.

With that story reporting the Pentagon was investigating whether it might have been carrying explosives, just imagine how much ‘bioweapon‘ could be carried and dispersed over America from a ‘balloon‘ that a top Pentagon official said was 200-feet tall and had a payload the size of a jetliner! And with that Daily Mail story reporting the ‘balloon‘ was filled with helium gas, as my brother-in-law who owns a hot air balloon ride company told me, such gas is invisible to the human eye, so we’re definitely NOT seeing the balloons method of staying afloat being dispersed. And as he also mentioned to me, NO normal ‘hot air balloon‘ can ‘be steered‘ the way this beast was, with the ‘hot air ballooning industry‘ completely dependent upon the wind and the weather to move their ‘chariots’ across the sky. 

So while we certainly don’t expect the US military nor anyone in the biden cabal to tell us what that mysterious white powder that emerged from the balloon as it descended from the sky actually WAS, we’ll get a much better idea if it was a bioweapon being dispersed or not in the next few weeks or months if suddenly and without warning, more and more Americans from coast to coast start getting sickened by a ‘new‘ pandemic of some sort or another.

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So while we’re unable to confirm at this moment that this ‘balloon,’ allegedly ‘owned‘ by China but more likely a globalist prop, which was ‘steered‘ unlike virtually any other known ‘balloon,‘ against the weather and prevailing winds, was carrying a bioweapon that was being dispersed all across the country from 100,000’ altitude or more, is there anyone reading this who WOULDN’T put it past the globalists?

As this new story over at Lew Rockwell asks as their story title, “Why Are They Killing Us?” Reporting in that story it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the globalists want freedom-loving Americans out of their way via any means possible as free Americans who own over 450 million guns are the biggest obstacle between themselves and their long-worked-towards ‘global tyranny,’ that story pointed out in its opening salvo the following inconvenient truths.: 

• 96 food processing and distribution facilities destroyed since Biden took office 

• People who received all five shots recommended by their governments increased the likelihood of their dying within the year by 35% 

• Why are our governments killing us?

Continuing to tie the current globalists agenda to ‘wipe out‘ Americans to Hunter Biden, Ukraine and the secretive deep state run bioweapons labs that were creating weapons of mass death and destruction there, it’s not too difficult to imagine the biden cabal manufacturing weapons of mass destruction to be used upon the American people, blaming any future ‘death and destruction‘ that comes upon China or Russia, even though such bio weapons were most likely created by our own genocidal government. 

From that story.: 

The clown car rolls on. 

RT reports that Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday laid out more evidence that US-funded laboratories were working in Ukraine, at least one of which was financed by Hunter Biden. Documents and materials recovered by Russian troops showed that Western pharmaceutical companies operating in territory under Kiev’s control conducted HIV/AIDS research on Ukrainian military personnel. 

The commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, presented Ukrainian-language documents referring to HIV infection studies that began in 2019. The list of targeted groups shows service members alongside prisoners, drug addicts and other “patients at high risk of infection.” 

According to Kirillov, the Russian military has recovered more than 20,000 documents and other materials related to the biological programs in Ukraine, while interviewing eyewitnesses and participants. The evidence “confirms the focus of the Pentagon on creating biological weapons components and testing them on the population of Ukraine and other states along [Russia’s] borders,” the general told reporters.

And with that Lew Rockwell story continuing to tie in all of the still-ongoing attacks upon Western food processing plants and companies, as well as the ‘balloon‘ that made its way all across the country, apparently with the full approval of the Pentagon and ‘little joey biden,‘ it asked a great question that the mainstream media will never address with them continuing to cover up genocide.

So, the question becomes “Why?” Why are our governments trying to kill us?

So why are our own government’s trying to kill us? Once more, from that Lew Rockwell story.:

Sasha Latypova posted about this on her Substack and she refers to a recent article by former Assistant Housing and Urban Development Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts and she explains that: 

“Bankrupt governments are different from bankrupt corporations because they can print the money to stall the bankruptcy (instead of being forced to restructure by a bankruptcy court). However, that method is not limitless either. At some point the printing and stealing can no longer continue.” 

Catherine believes that the “pandemic” was pre-planned specifically for this eventuality and it was kicked-off to both cover this up (temporarily) and enable to shut down the economy while unleashing a tsunami of printed money to further grab centralized power, cheapened assets, de-stabilize and remove power from any possible opposition. 

Every person regardless of age is a “claim on assets” in the form of usage of the dollar supply (or whatever succeeds the dollar). Incidentally, that’s why the push for life expectancy curtailing “vaccinations” is so massive in the West and seems much less so in Africa (they are not worth that much per head in dollar terms). 

The current war on the people is part of the restructuring that the globalist “owners” (owners of the central banks) are attempting – going direct reset and attempted CBDCs. This is also the fight over whose fake digital token is going to be the “global reserve”, and so we have the US fighting the Euro zone and Russia and China in various stages of economic/bioterrorism warfare progressing to kinetic war. While Russia and China and the Euros are also frantically restructuring their balance sheets by murdering and terrorizing their own citizenry. 

In order to succeed the owners need to install a global system of totalitarian control through various technological surveillance means, reduce the population, and utterly impoverish and terrorize the survivors. I personally believe they will not succeed because they do not have the tech they claim and will not be able to bridge it in time before the situation totally unravels. The more we are aware and educated about what exactly is going on the better our chances of surviving this mess. Acknowledging the reality is the only way forward. Despite the horror of what has transpired, I feel optimistic about the future in part because I met people like Catherine Austin Fitts on this literal trip to hell.”

Yet as most ANP readers know as we’ve been reporting on the ‘Deagel Report‘ for years and years now and their mysterious 2025 ‘forecast‘ which foresaw an America with a population of well below 100 million by then, a drop of well over 200 million from our 2022’s population numbers, anyone who’s been paying attention has known for years the globalists believe in their sick minds they need to ‘depopulate‘ the planet Earth in an attempt to ‘stave off global warming‘ in those insane minds. 

And with ‘depopulation‘ in those insane minds meaning ‘killing off’ a huge portion of the population ‘by any means necessary,‘ and Americans now rejecting their ‘bioweapon vax‘ in huge numbers, we’ve been warned they needed to find another way to do so, and flying a ‘bioweapon balloon‘ across the country, dispersing who-knows-what upon us all from 100,000+ feet, might be just the way they do it. 

So while we’ll sure hope that the theory brought forth in this story is completely wrong, would you put it past them? Nope, with Biden and China and the globalists working hand in hand, we wouldn’t either. https://www.brighteon.com/embed/e1b65c89-685a-4bd0-9de9-4aaee04b6957https://www.brighteon.com/embed/16a9b616-9497-45a1-95b3-15e151b7917b

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