Lance Goodall 23 Feb 2023

There is been enough coverage of this detailment disaster by the alternative media, that the Main Stream Media over at CNN, CBS, and NBC don’t really need to bother. Fox News has done its best, even getting to interview some of the residents of East Palestine.

However the problem with all this attention is, nothing seems right about it, when the President of the country goes to Ukraine, instead of taking questions from the media, and/or decides there won’t be any comment about it, nor any interest in visiting the folks in East Palestine, then everyone who is an expert, or an apparent expert fills every form of Social Media with theories and counter theories, There must be a conspiracy here right….because the Governor of the state of Ohio, Mike Dewine says the water is safe to drink one moment, and then flips, and then suggests it’s better everyone buys bottled water.

Then there is the failure of the US Sectary of Transport Peter Buttigieg, being conspicuous by his absence, staying away until Donald Trump forced his hand, and now he is on his way.

So I can see from the incompetent handling of the derailment by the EPA and Norfolk Southern, and the workers on site who created the toxic plume, which subsequently has blown into surrounding towns and onto farmland, then everyone should be skeptical, and deeply suspicious.

However in the following interview something was said that has begun to change my mind about this whole thing. In other words there is a back story to all this.

All May Not Be As It Seems!!!
Credit to Maria Zeee
Dr. Pete Chambers joins us for an emergency broadcast from the ground near East Palestine to report that not all may be what it seems, even in alternative media.
Dr. Chambers reports residents are being scared into leaving the area due to the smart city agenda planned for East Palestine, with a shock discovery mid-interview by Maria and Dr. Chambers!

The most deliberate aspect driving this whole thing is the creation of future smart cities. And the most telling detail is that if you burn Viny Chloride, you end up with white smoke, NOT black smoke, like you see in the above picture!!

And in other news, the toxic cloud in Ohio also looks staged. How do I know?

Because Netflix predicted it just a few months ago, in the film White Noise by Noah Bombach. A train derailment and
toxic chemical release happened in that film in. . . East Palestine, Ohio, with townspeople appearing as

If you think that is just a coincidence, you may need to remove the mask and breathe deeply. I
will be told that doesn’t mean it is fake, it just means it was planned. No, most likely planned and
faked. Strawberry Fields, nothing is real, remember. This is Hollywood we are dealing with, in
cahoots with Intel. The Matrix. They need these big scary events in the news every night, so they have
to stage them.

The constant fear porn of train derailments and millions of dead chickens and Chinese
spy balloons and food plant fires and generator explosions and rapes and murders galore not only keeps
you stunned with fear and dread, helping them sell you more antidepressants and driving any revolution
into the future, it diverts you from what you should be focusing on: the vaccine genocide, the torching
of the Constitution, widespread illegal censorship, and the destruction of search engines—to control all

Tucker has devoted most of his show for the past two nights to this, which is another clue. Is this really
the biggest news in the world?

Plus, the train derailment probably doubles as some huge insurance fraud. Best guess is they purposely
crashed and burned these old cars to collect insurance on them, rather than just scrap them.

Maybe they will claim they also had some old master paintings onboard. Maybe that’s where the lost Salvator
Mundi was. Oooo, I know, maybe they burned a few more billion in cash from the Federal Reserve—
since they couldn’t send it to Ukraine fast enough—in order to drive up the debt even more. That
created this huge cloud of smoke, which is far less toxic than they are claiming. If it were really toxic
they would have cleared the town.

You wouldn’t just have some claims of a few dead fish and a dead cat or fox (which are easy to fake).

They tell us 3,500 fish died, but I have seen no pictures of that. It is just a claim.

I will be told they have witnesses on Tucker Carlson, claiming they are having rashes
and feeling sick. Except that they don’t have any visible rashes. I guess make-up didn’t have time to
fake those. The guy claiming that is named Nathan Izotic. Pretty rare last name, so I looked him up.
He IS listed, but his mother Barbara has beenvery conspicuously scrubbed. So I did a Google search
on her. At we find she has been in 18 locations since 1991, starting with San
Clemente, CA, where she was living in an expensive house on Vista Marina. So that’s a bit odd. With
more searching, I found this same Barbara Izotic has been in the news before. She reported being the
victim of assault and battery in 2013, and charges were filed. A people search finds she is related to
Klopp, Hatton, Wagner, and Yhelka.

Izotic is a variant of Izod, as in the famous clothing brand. The surname is a very old peerage name,
and they came over with William the Conqueror in the Norman Conquest. It comes from Isolde,
daughter of King Mark in the tales. They are currently related to the Nixon-Brownes, one of whom
was recently a TV producer for CBC Canada. This also links us to Jack Browne, Baron Craigton,
Privy Counsellor. Craigton was the son of Edwin Izod. They are also related to Hepburns, so you see
the link to Hollywood.

Also curious is that Tucker Varlson ran a video of a lady nearby claiming her chickens died. Chickens again.

But in the video we see red marks all over her face. Why not ask her about that?

Also let me just ask you this: if you lived there and believed they were really burning thousands of
pounds of VC, would you be sitting there at home with your windows closed? Even more to the point,
would you be walking around outside unmasked like we see them doing? Mask for a fake flu, but not
for a huge toxic mushroom cloud?

How many masks do you see? None?

East Palestine residents seek answers at town hall

These people may be poor, but they have cars.

So did they really need an evacuation order? How about get in the car and drive to a relative’s house? Since they aren’t doing that, instead standing around talking to reporters, we may assume they know what is really going on. Netflix informed them months ago.

And here’s the clincher: the cloud we have all seen is black. Burning vinyl chloride produces white smoke.

See p. 11 above