The Non-Bailout BAILOUT commences – total system collapse temporarily averted

Monday, March 13, 2023 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) Three US banks collapsed last week (Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature). Contagion took hold and quickly began to spread to other banks.

The entire US banking system would have collapsed starting today if not for the FDIC jumping in and offering to rescue even non-insured depositors at SVB. Normally the FDIC covers only $250K in deposits per person or institution. To try to avert a total systemic collapse, they announced in an emergency session yesterday that they would cover all deposits for these banks.

The problem is that the FDIC only had slightly over $100 billion in funds to carry this out.

Yet the total bank deposits held across America are approaching $10 trillion. (Nearly 10,000 billion.)

In effect, the FDIC only has enough funds to cover about 1% of bank deposits in America.

Even worse, banks in America have over $300 trillion in derivatives liabilities. That’s thirty times larger than the $10 trillion in deposits. The FDIC has only a tiny fraction of a fraction to even think about covering these losses, should derivatives begin to unwind.

The claim that the FDIC is bailing out depositors without using “taxpayer money” is a lie

Mathematically, what all this means is that the Treasury and Fed are going to have to print money to prop up failing banks, especially as contagion spreads and more banks crater as the Fed raises interest rates — a kind of “controlled demolition” of the US economy and stock market.

This is going to dilute the value of dollars and cause huge inflation increases across all the products you normally buy, such as groceries, housing, clothing, fuel and so on.

All this printed money is created as debt on the shoulders of US taxpayers, and the government will move to confiscate more and more money from the American people to try to shore up the financial nightmare that it created. Joe Biden is already pushing much higher taxes, even as the USA is on track (with new spending programs) to hit over $50 trillion in national debt by 2030.

Let there be no illusions about how this ends: The total collapse of the dollar, the banking system and the USA as we know it.

Perhaps that was the plan all along.

Hear today’s Situation Update podcast for full details (and an action plan to financially survive all this):

Janet Yellen announces Treasury “backstop” of deposits for THREE failed banks
– FDIC says it will use its Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) money
– Claims “no taxpayer money” will be used for bailout – but it’s A LIE
FDIC only has $100 billion max, and bailouts will cost MORE
– After FDIC burns through cash, Fed will PRINT money for bailouts
– Banks encouraged to act recklessly, running risky bets that fail
– We’ve entered the chapter where Fed prints money to bail out all the failed banks
This will cause #inflation and dollar devaluation – currency collapse
– There are nearly $10 TRILLION in bank deposits across the USA
– Over $300 trillion in derivatives exposures among banks
– FDIC has already burned through all its cash as of today
How will FDIC cover the NEXT bank collapse?
– Rational people will pull money out of banks to reduce risk of exposure to collapse
– More people will move to gold, silver, crypto, ammo and other hard assets
As Fed raises interest rates even higher, more banks will fail
– Controlled demolition of the banking sector and the US economy





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