Posted 16/07/2014

Recently I was in a womens clothing store (with my wife) searching for a dress for her for a wedding we were attending.

The music that they had playing (which stores do these days) reminded me of the type of club sound you would hear at hillsong. I say that, yet I hadn’t heard any songs like this from Hillsong?

It had a clean catchy synthesier and beat, and even though I was enjoying it, I realised this was not glorifying God, neither was it intended to.

My point is, music can have its own intoxicating power, it has the ability to create a natural high, it lifts your spirit, even if the song and lyrics are not particularly spiritual.

And yet now somehow this has become the churches ‘house’ worship. The lines have now become blurred.

Here is a short clip that explains the beginnings, and the FOCUS of Hillsong and it’s youth program, through it’s band “Young and Free”

The motto is ‘Entertain them to gain them.’

It’s Music first, doctrine?… well it’s somewhere?

The following 4 min clip is from Andrew Sutton who attended Hillsong Conference 2014. He is obviously he and his friends are having a great time down there, (nothing against Andrew) but it shows the type of weekend that it is. But more importantly notice how he uses the latest song from Cold Play ‘Sky full of stars’, and how well this dovetails with Hillsong’s ‘Love is Relentless’ at just over the 3min mark.

Here is Hillsong’s Young and Free as LIVE WORSHIP at Hillsong Conference

I think it has became plain and obvious that we have usurped true worship with this ‘House Music’.

And I can’t help observe the number of times ‘Love is Relentless’ is sung over in some kind of mantra?

More footage showing Illuminati phallic Symbology on the wall – this is absolutely appalling




See my main article – Hellsong The Music of Hillsong for more understanding of this issue.

I know its fun, I know its catchy, I know its enjoyable, but none of these things are a necessary criteria for worship!

Often times worship, is completely overwhelming, as in the experiences of Joshua, Isaiah, John, the woman at Jesus feet, Paul!

Yes… worship can be uplifting, and bring emotion, but this is not what should be promoted, otherwise we end up with ‘soulish’ worship, and that’s all it is, which is only pleasing to US!

And just to show you I’m not making this up….here is the close out for Hillsong’s Conference in JULY!