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A TEENAGE member of a group police and security agencies believe are committed to violent jihad in Australia has chillingly admitted:’”Everyone wants to die for Allah”.

The 19-year-old, who knew Parramatta police HQ killer Farhad Jabar, has been a member of a small group of young Islamic State supporters in western Sydney under the scopes of anti-terrorist officers.

“Everyone wants to die for Allah, we all want to live the best life in the hereafter and want to make it to the top of the seven levels of jannah (paradise),” Hamza told the ABC last night.

Hamza was one of more than a dozen men raided last year over an alleged plot to abduct and kill a random Sydneysider.

Raban Alou, 18, is placed under arrest in recent Sydney anti-terror raids.

In the ABC’s 7.30 program last night, it was also revealed he is close friends with Raban Alou whom police allege gave the gun to teen killer Jabar and who is charged with helping commission the shooting murder of NSW police accountant Curtis Cheng.

Hamza also knew Jabar and the pair studied the Koran together at the mosque, the program revealed.

“He was just a quiet dude, stuck to himself, always in worship, that’s it … always in his own corner, reading the Koran, doing worship,” Hamza said.


Hamza says while he supports radical Islam, he does not want to cause harm in Australia.
The grave of teen terrorist Farhad Jabar.

When asked if he supported Islamic State, he replied: “I’m not going to answer that, because if I say yes, I’ll get in trouble, and if I say no, I’ll be a liar. I accept some of their opinions and I disagree with other opinions.”

Hamza supports beheadings in Syria and Iraq and believes strict sharia law should be implemented across the world.

“What’s happening overseas? Sharia is expanding: people that steal get their hand chopped off; people that kill, they need four witnesses and they die; people that smoke drugs, there’s no cigarette, there’s no alcohol, there’s no brothels.”

In comparison, Australian society was a den of immorality, he said.

Teen terror shooter Farhad Jabar
Slain police worker Curtis Cheng.

“Look at it, there’s brothels, every corner you go there’s a brothel. There’s strip clubs, there’s people drinking, people committing fornication in front of other people, like, they have no shame.”

Hamza says his group are friends who met through public high schools in Sydney’s west, and most study the Koran under a small group of hard line salafi sheikhs and pray at the Parramatta


[It’s] like gangsters — they have a brotherhood, we have our brotherhood. Because a brother said a believer is one body, so I feel his pain.”

“If he gets hurt, I feel his pain. If I get hurt, he feels my pain. That’s how we are. We stick together.”