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Democrats and liberals are going to be crushed by cold climate change.

They are doomed because Nature is against them. They should have known better than play around with Mother Nature. The fact that it was snowing the middle of this summer in France and in Russia is just one indication that we are suffering from a cooling trend, not a warming one. Such indications have been evident in the global climate news for years.

Temperatures are headed down. In Canada, they are breaking cold records going back as far as 1871. That is 146 years! Every month we travel further into cold climate change and a mini ice age, heralded by scientists who know what they are talking about, the more the pressure builds on supporters of the status quo, who have been lying to themselves and everyone around them. It really does not serve ones mental health to be dead set on being wrong about the weather.

Manmade global warming is a mental disease as well as a power trip. Psychologists have been cowards refusing to come out of their shells to speak out against many aspects of human nature and behavior, which has as its roots fundamental insanities in institutions and people. People are no longer capable of admitting they are wrong so strong has their need to be right. So wrong and so cold is it suddenly turning that sea levels are actually falling according to NASA.

We might call this psychological pattern, wing shear syndrome, which is caused by the mind pushing hard in one direction and reality in another. In the end, the mind tends to break before reality.

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Weather Warfare Technology Is a Fact And It’s Primary Purpose Is Death And Famine — Famine It’s Not Just A Foreign Thing

“The Greenland Ice Sheet is gaining near-record amounts of ice this year,” says Tony Heller. Temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet have been extremely cold, and broke the all-time record for Northern Hemisphere July cold on July 4, at -33C. (-27.4F) Despite all evidence to the contrary, government scientists insist on believing fake GRACE data which shows almost all of Greenland losing ice,” says Heller. “These are criminals, not scientists. How much ice will melt, I wonder, at minus 33 degrees?

If one picture can tell a thousand words here it is. Temperatures are down global warming lies up. The global temperature anomaly of the lower troposphere at 1500 meters since early 2016, measured by RSS. Source:

A new report that analyzed Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) data produced by NASA, the NOAA and HADLEY prove the President was right on target with his refusal to be a part of the Paris Accord.

According to the report, which has been peer-reviewed by administrators, scientists and researchers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and several of America’s leading universities, the data is completely bunk.