Ravi Zacharias, has been in the news lately, well the Christian news at least.

He’s done a great deal of good for both Christian apologetics, and the kingdom of God in general. He is a great speaker and a great intellectual.

Unfortunately, Ravi has also been involved in some recent controversy.

There is more to be said about his sexting scandal, but more obvious are the questions concerning his credentials.

The controversy stems from his use of “Dr.” even though he holds honorary doctorates and not earned doctorates.

There have also been questions about his exact activity studying at Cambridge University.

Ravi is part of a large organization and I’m sure he doesn’t write all his copy, but we are all ultimately responsible for being accurately represented and avoiding all error.

It seems that as the tree has been shaken, that Ravi and the rest of RZIM are doing everything to make sure that information is accurate from now on.

We should err on the side of humility.

When in the public eye there is the temptation to pad or slightly exaggerate our credentials, but this temptation should be resisted.

Because the following videos reveal the outcome: