There is now taking place a MAJOR deployment of army troops on the India-China Border, after clashes between the armies of India and China.  In fact, the deployment is beyond “major” and actually constitutes a “massive” deployment.

The video below shows convoys of Indian army troops and armor being deployed to the region along the Srinagar-Ladakh highway.


Tens-of thousands of additional India army troops are presently on the move. Meanwhile, China has also begun deploying literally tens-of-thousands of additional troops to its side of the same border area. For weeks, both China and India have __said__ they want to de-escalate the tensions; but after recent skirmishes, it is clear that BOTH sides are upping the ante. Seriously. The way things are going, the border region is a tinder box awaiting the match that ignites the flames of war. That “match” can come at any time and if (when) it does, actual kinetic war will break out. China is very much better equipped to wage a war. But India is no slouch. India can give the Chinese quite a run for their money.