A very serious situation is occurring at the border between Israel and Jordan at the West Bank; troops from both Jordan and Israel are now exchanging gunfire.

After hours of clashes between Jordanian unarmed civilians and US controlled/trained Jordanian security and military forces of Jordan at the borders with the West Bank in the Jordan Valley; the civilians managed to cut the fence and are pouring in to the West Bank for the first time since 1967.

This has caused Israeli Defense Forces to fire shots at those civilians, and in response, the Jordan Army has begun firing at the Israeli troops.

After Israel sent police into the Al Aqsa Mosque to use stun grenades and tear gas, and Israeli courts began using Jewish land claims from PRIOR TO THE CREATION OF ISRAEL to justify evicting Arabs from the Sheik Jarrah quarter, Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, started firing rockets into Israel.

In response, Israel sent fighter jets to drop 500 pound bombs on Gaza, and re-send police into the Al Aqsa Mosque using stun grenades and tear gas AGAIN.

That Israeli reaction resulted in Hamas firing upwards of a thousand rockets and newer, more powerful missiles, and unleashing armed drones to strike into many sections of Israel.

The bigger rocket barrage and drone strikes resulted in Israel tasking 160 planes to strike 150 targets inside Gaza, three-times-each, making the tally 450 strikes, which took place last night.

Just this week, the Israeli Defense Force admits striking in Gaza a total of six hundred (600) times.  They also say that Gaza has fired “over 1600 rockets” so far this week.

Yesterday, four rockets were fired from Southern Lebanon into northern Israel.  They landed in open fields, away from any civilians and away from any structures.  IT turned out the rockets were launched by Palestinian groups and NOT by Hezbollah, which controls Lebanon.

Experienced watchers of this region say the firing of rockets from southern Lebanon was a not-so-subtle reminder to Israel that they can be attacked from the north, and this warning was designed to stop any Israeli plans for a ground invasion into Gaza.  

Today, tens-of-thousands of Iraqis, Jordanians and Lebanese began heading by car, truck or on foot, toward Israel, to help the Palestinians there. 

Video below is one such example:

In addition, thousands of SYRIANS have stormed into the Golan Heights to show their outrage at Israeli actions.  Those Syrian crowds are growing larger:

Convoys of vehicles are also moving in Egypt toward the Gaza Strip to assist Palestinians:

Overnight, roving gangs of Arabs and other roving gangs of Israelis, beat up people on the street in a number of Israeli cities.

It is as close to civil war as any nation can get without an open declaration.  Civil society is taking sides in this latest Israeli-Palestinian Gaza fight situation, and the engagement of civilians on both sides in ripping away civility in many areas of Israel.

In fact, expert observers say the fighting taking place between Arabs and Israelis in so many cities, is doing far more damage to Israel than anything the Palestinians in Gaza have done.   Israeli society seems to be falling apart, violently.

Intelligence experts are carefully watching what Hezbollah is doing in Lebanon.  If Hezbollah decides to enter the fray between Israel and Gaza, that would effectively mean that Iran would be engaged, because Iran funds and arms Hezbollah; and that would be an existential threat to the state of Israel.

Should Hezbollah engage, the United States may be asked by Israel to engage.   If the US does so, then Russia would have a thing or two to say about that and the Russians might choose to engage as well – albeit in support of Iran/Hezbollah/Palestinians.

Then too, with Jordan Army troops exchanging gunfire with Israeli Army Troops, that’s another flash point in and of itself.

Finally, Egypt announced they would re-open the Raffah crossing to evacuate injured from Gaza.  Egypt made clear they are sending Red Crescent workers through that crossing and those workers are operating Egyptian army vehicles/jeeps.   Egypt went out of its way to make clear that any attack upon any Red Crescent vehicles would be deemed an attack upon the Egyptian military requiring a response.

This situation has the very real potential of exploding into vast warfare on little or no notice.

UPDATE 12:56 PM EDT — Riots are now being reported at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Stay tuned.


Egypt announced that if the attacks on Gaza are not stopped, relations with Tel Aviv will be suspended.

Moments ago in Gaza:


As of Now Israel has Declined US Envoy’s Offer of Ceasefire. Right now Israel is refusing to negotiate a ceasefire, rejecting efforts of the UN, US and the Egyptians.

2:45 PM   — Oh Boy . . . 

Israel: “There will be no ceasefire with Hamas.”

Hamas: “We refuse any ceasefire with Israel and we will fight to the end.”


3 rockets fired from Syria at Israel, rocket warning sirens didn’t sound.

Israeli fighter jets fired seven heavy rockets on the building of Palestine’s Interior Ministry.

Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza says 126 killed, including 31 minors, and 950 wounded from IDF strikes so far THIS WEEK.