Posted On September 26, 2021 Lexi Morgan

Pastor Bill Larkin uploaded a video to the JesusMyBeauty YouTube channel on May 13, 2012.

In the video, he explains a dream he had in which God warned him of an impending megatsunami disaster that would affect both seaboards in the United States. Interestingly enough, the pastor’s vision involves Spain’s Cumbre Vieja volcano, which coincidentally has become active. 

The self-proclaimed pastor says that in his vision, the Lord starts off to his left-hand side before taking him on a journey across the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the Spanish island of La Palma. The man of God explains that in his dream, God and he could see the mountain and are about 40 feet above the treetops, giving hillside vantage.

That’s when Larkin says that he heard the phrase “Canary Islands” repeated in his head three times before a large chunk of the island broke off and fell into the water, causing a 300-foot tall tsunami wave to disperse outward from the island.

“I was staring right at the part that broke off,” said Larkin, adding that it looked like a clean-cut from a hot butter knife.

“I watched this moutain just totally seperate and then drop,” he added, describing his dream. “It dropped so fast that the trees that I had just been staring at were now bent backwards becuase of the speed and the force at which this thing was dropping.”

It was at that moment in Larkin’s dream when the Lord took him back across the ocean to the U.S. East Coast, where he saw a vision of people attempting to flee coastlines to escape to higher ground.

Larkin admits that the scene looked chaotic. Primal, at best.

It was “complete pandamonium,” he explained. “It was man aginst man.”

“The East Coast, from the top to the bottom, was gone as we know it,” Larkin said. “The ocean was all the way up into Pennsylvania. The entire state of Florida was underwater.”

Moreover, the pastor stated God showed him parts of the West Coast underwater, and California detached from the mainland.

Could the pastor’s vision be a forewarning from God predicting the La Palma island ridge drop, which scientists have warned about for decades?