Take a look, America.  THIS is what a stolen election got us.  THIS is what Democrats are doing to our nation.  These people are political and human garbage and it is time to get rid of them; before they finish destroying our country.

 ‘Crazy high’: Home heating oil prices in Mass. rapidly nearing $6 a gallon.

Home heating oil prices on Long Island jump another 20% to a record $5.25 a gallon.

Gas prices like this are going to have major consequences, for everyone and everything…

In fact, consequences will never be the same!

And not to rub salt in this wound, but Trump literally told us, in public, this would happen if Biden got in. Here. Look:

This is what Democrat pieces of shit have done to us.  Oh, and they PLANNED IT.   Here’s Biden telling eveyone he was going to prevent Oil companies from drilling. Here, look:

So the prices we see at the gas pumps are a direct result of what Biden and the Democrats have done. 

And you Biden voters; YOU are to blame for this.   You should commit suicide.

Everything from the day in, day out demonization of Trump (drilling into people Russia bad early on btw), the stolen 2020 election, the Covid depopulation scheme, and now the Russian-Ukraine fiasco and what it means in terms of the global economic impact of sanctions are all 100% a globally coordinated effort to usher in AGENDA 2030 and by default the true NWO.

By the way, not only did we ban Russian imports on oil but we banned their imports on precious metals, many of which are used in the manufacture of automotive parts, batteries, etc. Inflation, combined with unbearably high gas prices and ridiculously high priced vehicles due to material shortages and therefore price hikes, will eventually lead to the American consumer ditching gas powered vehicles in favor of electric. This, all of this, was the plan all along. The green energy scheme is the next phase.

Agenda 2030 here we come.