Wednesday, July 13, 2022 by: Mike Adams
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New York City has released a new public service announcement video that advises residents what to do after a nuclear strike on the city. The joyfully-presented video advises residents to go into buildings and undress, then shampoo and use soap to wash themselves off. Once done, residents are told to stay indoors until directed what to do by government media sources. Sounds like a quick way to die…

According to an announcement published by Russian news agency TASS, the USA is pushing Russia into a cycle of nuclear escalation that could end in catastrophe.

Remember that Russia has vastly superior nuclear strike capabilities and anti-air defenses compared to the United States and European nations. On top of that, Russia’s military doctrine describes a “first strike” advantage, which means Putin knows that if this war is irreversibly headed into global conflict, his strategic advantage is best exploited if he strikes first.

Get full details, including NYC nuclear strike maps (and casualty estimates) in today’s feature article and podcast here.

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