By Stephanie Sledge | TheGovernment Rag | 03Oct2017

There is a direct correlation between the hotel restaurant industry, the Hearing Protection (Share) Act, and the shooting in Las Vegas. What is it? More security, more jobs, more gun-control. America – under surveillance, housed in a prison cell of lies and deception. Terrorism from the inside out…

Imagine the future of America in the Hotel/Restaurant industry. Visualize checking into a hotel where all your bags are searched, your personal belonging are rummaged through and you have to walk through a scanner to get in, your license plates on your car are ran through the DMV in the parking lot, and background checks being performed at the time you make a reservation. This shooting in Las Vegas will bring more jobs to so called national security. More ways to invade your privacy and most likely make stiffer regulations for future hotel/restaurant industry managers to have certifications or special clearances to help spy on the nation.

Prior to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, gun and hunting companies were looking to congress for “laxer” rules on suppressor sales on silencers. Hunters were looking to congress to examine more protection for their hearing. Since 1934, one of the most tightly regulated firearm laws has been on gun silencers. The call of Congress to eliminate or remove these restrictions has been one of the most recent battles between the gun-control freaks and the gun and hunting industries.

Suppressors, also called Silencers are currently restricted under the National Firearms Act. There are federal regulations which stand in the way of purchasing Silencers and buyers must pay the ATF a fee of approximately $200 as well as submit to a fingerprint and background check, which can take up to three-fourths of a year to complete.

Conveniently, just days before the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Lawmakers have been pushing to end the harsh and unconstitutional requirements on silencers and allow them more easily available to the public. The argument has been related to protecting the “hearing” of gun owners who are exposed to “high-volume” blasts while they are hunting or engaged in target practice. This bill is called the Sportsmen’s Heritage & Recreational Enhancement (Share) Act aka the “Hearing Protection Act, which has been argued before committee hearings in both the House and Senate.

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, put his support behind the efforts of lifting these harsh regulations on silencers and said in an interview with the CEO of manufacturer, SilencerCo that the current regulations were “just another rule the government wants to put in place for no reason.”

Representative Jeff Duncan (R-S.C) is one of the bill’s sponsors and argued in January, “This legislation is about safety ― plain and simple,” and “I’m very active in sport shooting and hunting, and I can’t tell you how better off the shooting sports enthusiasts would be if we had easier access to suppressors to help protect our hearing.”

Hillary Clinton had to get her two cents in following the Las Vegas shooting saying, “Many eyewitnesses to the Las Vegas shooting recounted the horrifying sounds of gunfire that caused them to drop to the ground or flee. As Clinton noted, the death toll could have been higher had the gunman been using a silencer.”

Notice how Hillary uses words which dupe the mind into beLIEving it may have worse “if” he would have used a silencer. It seems conveniently appropriate for the “silencer” to be the target of this shooting considering this legislation is in the forefront. Keep in mind – there was no silencer used in this event. Another mind-control seed. Why do you think these events are considered Psy-oPs? Psychological mental abuse aka psychological operations.

Gun-control advocates have been crying to the public that the bill is a “gift to the firearms industry, because it would massively expand the market for silencers, and to criminals, because it would make it easier to fire a gun undetected.” They also claim that “Silencers are “used to conceal the fact that you are firing a weapon,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). “There will be more crimes committed, more people killed” if the current bill passes.” Keep in mind Connecticut has become a lawless state and the Sandy Hook Shooting Psy-oP was used to eliminate guns in Connecticut.  It is the same argument the fake news networks endorse during these shootings. Also note Sen. Chris Murphy makes the ridiculous accusation that Silencers will cause more crimes and killings to take place.

 Is he claiming gun owners have hidden tendencies to murder people if their gun shot is quieted by a Silencer?

While the investigation into the shooting event is still unfolding, Gun Control advocates Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords are spewing more nonsense specifically targeting this Act and the Gun Silencer while exacerbating the gun control debate. Their tactics are specifically targeted towards using words such as “what if” and “imagine if” more Citizens have silencers. Watch the video below and hear for yourself.


As of February, some 1.3 million silencers were registered in the U.S., according to the Justice Department. That’s nearly 400,000 more than in 2015. But with an estimated 300 million firearms in the hands of U.S. civilians, there’s still a huge potential for market growth if the SHARE Act is passed.

As you can see by the above statistics, those responsible for these false-flags and intentional violent acts to target more gun-control are getting nervous because the armed nation is becoming aware of the violent and mind-control psychological operations aka terrorism against America. These events are essentially a form of terrorism considering they terrorize the nation.

Most notorious gun control advocates such as Mark Kelly and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (also in bed with Hillary Clinton) are calling for stricter laws and specifically targeted the silencer in their speech this morning. Giffords, who has a dual citizenship US/Israel, always shows up following any major shooting event to convince the nation we need more laws which include stricter background checks, mental health agenda, as they play off their roles and justifications by claiming they are responsible gun owners. The bait and switch of rewriting the Second Amendment. Duping the Nation into beLIEving the Second Amendment should be changed to include snooping into the lives of every American Citizens. Everything is tied together now… court records, traffic tickets, DMV records, credit reports, Facebook and other social media accounts, job search companies, drug screening companies, health records, animal records, military records, educational records, social service records, child support, everything – just everything… the list is exhausting and never ending…

Meanwhile, the Agency in charge of deciding who gets permission to own a gun or a Silencer (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) still does not have to answer to the Fast and Furious scandal of selling weapons during stings and plots which resulted in thousands of guns ending up in the hands of the drug cartel and terrorists as well as border patrol agents murdered. However, they have the final say in who gets to own ‘legal’ weapons and who gets to possess “legal permits” in this nation. What a shame. How embarrassing “We the People” must look to other countries.

Interestingly enough… Country Singer Jason Aldean, who was on stage singing at the time of the shooting, is also a co-owner of a hunting company called Buck Commander (in partnership) with former Major League Baseball (MLB) players Adam LaRoche, Ryan Langerhans, and Tombo Martin, Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and fellow country singer Luke Bryan. (Wikipedia).

Other shootings including the recent “congressional baseball practice” shooting have also targeted the “Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act,” or SHARE Act via the media.

According to a Rolling Stone article titled, Congressional Baseball Shooting Looms Large Over Gun-Silencer Hearing, this particular shooting gave more job expansions in the following area:

“The shooting at a congressional baseball practice this summer, which left the number-three House Republican, Steve Scalise, in critical condition and four others injured, brought about some small changes in Washington, D.C. There are now a few more Capitol Police officers stationed at entrances on the Capitol grounds, and more of them standing watch at outdoor press conferences and when House members walk to the chamber to vote.”

There are other current legislation which have been targeted when it comes to releasing some of the burdens of firearms regulations. There is also current regulations on stricter gun control including registering and carrying mandatory gun insurance in order to be a gun owner. Failing to pay your insurance bill will result in your door being busted down by a SWAT team and arrested, possibly shot, and/or face criminal penalties most likely resulting in being housed in a federal or private prison..