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NSW residents could be facing months of tough Covid-19 restrictions, even after the Greater Sydney lockdown is lifted.

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 JULY 6, 2021 1:58PMLIVE Last updated July 6, 2021 2:31PM AEST

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the government wants the current lockdown to be the last one until a majority of citizens are vaccinated after New South Wales recorded 18 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19.

NSW residents may be faced with months of tough Covid-19 restrictions even after the Greater Sydney lockdown ends, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian saying stricter rules will likely be needed until the majority of the population is vaccinated.  

“I anticipate that when we do come out of the lockdown it won’t be what life looked like necessarily before we went into lockdown,” she said.

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“Get Vaccinated…get vaccinated”

“So in between now and vaccinating a greater proportion of our population, we need to think about what life looks like.”

It comes as NSW recorded 18 new Covid-19 cases, with a decision expected tomorrow morning on whether he Greater Sydney lockdown will be extended.

This is where Australia’s Covid-19 outbreak stands: NSW has 330 cases, Queensland has 33 cases, the Northern Territory has 10 cases, Western Australia has six cases and South Australia has six cases.

No need for vaccination incentives yet

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Lieutenant John Frewen, Australia’s Covid-19 taskforce commander, has said incentives to get vaccinated weren’t needed just yet.

Lieutenant Frewen is in charge of Australia’s vaccination program and ensuring the nation is largely immunised against coronavirus by the end of the year.

Despite the push to deliver millions of jabs by the end of 2021, Lieutenant Frewen said incentives weren’t yet on the table.

“There’s two different ways to look at incentives. There’s … policy style incentives that encourage people to get vaccinated and then there’s those sort of handout-type incentives that just encourage people along the way. We’ll look at both of those,” he said.

“I will talk to industry with the treasurer tomorrow about how they see themselves best playing a role in that place.

“As to whether they’re necessary, I think for now there is a lot of interest from the community about getting vaccinated.

“I think right now the incentivisation isn’t as necessary.

“I think perhaps later in the campaign, when we’re starting to get to those people who are less convinced or a bit more hesitant that may be a better time for incentives.

“Tomorrow will be a good conversation around that.”1h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

Workplace vaccination programs not far off

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The commander of Australia’s Covid-19 taskforce has detailed how he hopes to see the bulk of the nation vaccinated by the end of the year.

Lieutenant John Frewen is meeting with business leaders tomorrow to discuss potential ideas to speed up the vaccination rollout, including introducing workplace jabs.

“Many of these industries already do annual flu vaccinations so I think there’s a couple of attractions to their ability to do workplace vaccinations when it comes to Covid as well,” Lieutenant Frewen said.

“They’re used to vaccinating their workforce, it’s another efficiency in the program, potentially. It also take burden off the both the primary healthcare system and some of the state mechanisms if necessary.

“It’s just another way to help accelerate the program and using another workforce that’s out there, that may be training up of the workforce that currently does flu vaccinations.”

Lieutenant Frewen said workplace vaccinations would potentially be introduced in September or October, when Pfizer and Moderna supplies are expected to increase.

2h ago July 6, 2021

Covid-19 infected child hospitalised

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A five-year-old girl infected with Covid-19 has been taken to hospital in Adelaide.

SA Health confirmed the child was taken to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for assessment.

The spokeswoman could not confirm if the child was a returned traveller or a family member of the miner that tested positive in SA after working at the Northern Territory Tanami mine site where other positive cases popped up.

After the child’s brief presentation, authorities told NCA NewsWire the child has since returned back to the state’s dedicated coronavirus hotel, Tom’s Court.

All confirmed Covid-19 cases are moved to complete their 14 days of isolation at the facility which is situated in Adelaide’s CBD.

– Additional reporting NCA NewsWire2h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

F1 Grand Prix cancelled because of Covid-19

James Matthey

The Australian F1 Grand Prix has reportedly been cancelled because of Covid-19.

Multiple reports emerged on Tuesday morning saying the race — which had been scheduled to take place in Melbourne in late November — had been canned.

An official announcement is expected this afternoon confirming the F1 grand prix, as well as the MotoGP event at Phillip Island, will not go ahead.

Picture: Andrej Isakovic/AFP
Picture: Andrej Isakovic/AFP

The Australian Grand Prix usually signals the start of the F1 season but was cancelled last year as the global pandemic hit, and was postponed from March until later in the year in 2021.

Unfortunately, the latest news means F1 fans Down Under won’t get their chance to see hometown hero Daniel Ricciardo in action in the flesh.

Broadcaster Shane McInnes tweeted: “Massive to loss to concede the F1 Grand Prix for a second straight year. The economic impact & Melbourne’s sporting prowess takes a huge hit.

“The Vic Gov’t MUST do all it can to ensure the #AusOpen goes ahead. Failure to do so, and kiss the title of sporting capital goodbye.”2h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

Anti-vaxxers expose mask legal loophole

A gap in NSW’s public health order has been seized upon by anti-mask and anti-vaccine groups making what should be a basic policing task a nightmare.

According to NSW’s Public Health Order no law stipulates medical proof evidence must be provided when claiming you have an exemption from wearing a mask.

This wording has been seized upon by anti-vax groups who have posted how-to guides and explainers on getting away without wearing a mask.

The controversial groups have been vocal on social media, filming interactions with police where they claim police have no authority over their mask-wearing habits.

– Mitchell Van Homrigh3h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

Gladys urges residents not to ‘stress’

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian has sought to reassure NSW that the government will “do the right thing” by its residents.

“While it has been a stressful time for all of us, it has been an amazing learning experience on what the virus is doing now and we will take those learnings forward,” she said.

“That is why I want to assure the community, please do not stress. There is no reason why anyone should feel concerned.”

Picture: Adam Yip/NCA NewsWire
Picture: Adam Yip/NCA NewsWire

Ms Berejiklian said the advice of health experts would be balanced against the needs of residents.

“I want to reassure everybody, there is not long to go before we update the community on what next week looks like. But most importantly, my message to everyone at home is not to stress,” she said.

“Please remain confident that the government will do the right thing by the committee and we will update everybody tomorrow.”4h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

Gladys tight-lipped on lockdown decision

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Apart from revealing a decision on the Greater Sydney lockdown will likely be announced tomorrow, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has refused to reveal anymore information about whether there will be an extension.

“Please know that they can’t give you any more information than what I am because I don’t want to say anything until a certain about what the health advice will be and what decisions we are making,” she said.

“I think I said over the weekend that we anticipated numbers to bounce around, so we are actually seeing exactly what we thought would occur.

“The one thing that we are seeing which we hoped we would see less of its people being posed in the community while they are infectious.”4h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

Tougher restrictions to remain even when lockdown ends

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian said NSW residents will likely have to continue living with tougher restrictions even when the Greater Sydney lockdown ends.

“I anticipate that when we do come out of the lockdown it won’t be what life looked like necessarily before we went into lockdown,” she said.

“But what New South Wales has a track record of is not burdening our citizens unless we absolutely have to add that is certainly our attitude moving forward.

“So we are looking at a scenario where we don’t burden our citizens more than we have to but we also have to accept the new world we’re living in.”

Picture: Matrix Media
Picture: Matrix Media

Ms Berejiklian said the highly-infectious Delta variant is likely to be the dominant strain, saying more people needed to be vaccinated before people can “live as freely as we would like”.

“So in between now and vaccinating a greater proportion of our population, we need to think about what life looks like,” she said.4h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

Will schools return on Monday?

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she doesn’t want to preempt the advice around whether schools will be able to open on Monday, saying more clarity would be provided tomorrow.

“Of course the New South Wales government appreciates the importance of restoring face-to-face teaching and we look forward to looking at that issue,” she said.

“We appreciate the stresses that parents go through in particular with having students at home, and we consider that in our decision-making and it will behave based on the health advice.

“I don’t want to preempt that advice or what the New South Wales government response to that advice will be. But I understand more than anything what our community want is certainty.

“People want to know what life will look like beyond Friday midnight. And I am keen to provide that certainty to people tomorrow.”4h agoJuly 6, 2021HIGHLIGHT

New aged care case confirmed

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NSW Health also confirmed that another staff member at SummitCare in Baulkham Hills has tested positive to Covid-19.

This brings the total number of cases associated with the aged care facility to eight, including five residents and three aged care workers.

“When this worker was identified as a close contact, they went into isolation immediately, but had worked throughout their infectious period,” NSW Health said.

While 96 per cent of residents at the facility are vaccinated, only two thirds of staff have received Covid-19 vaccine.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian turns to the dark side….with lockdowns, restrictions, and the vaccination mandate.